De Gruyter title list

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you already know that Berlin-based academic publisher De Gruyter is offering 100 books for potential ungluing. There aren’t campaigns yet — that’s up to you! We’ll run campaigns for whichever books have the most support. You can tell us which books you support by adding them to your wishlist. […]

Making Unglue.it Better

The last month or so has seen a lot of development work on Unglue.it. You may have noticed some of these things, but I thought it would be good to make a list. With the just-announced participation of De Gruyter, we needed to work on our publisher pages. Take a look: https://unglue.it/pid/popular/4311 Login and account creation […]

Unglue.it ♥ libraries

We feel great about all the support we’ve gotten from the library community.  It was fun meeting, and catching up with, so many librarians at our table in the exhibit hall at the American Library Association Midwinter conference in Seattle.  (And, let’s be honest, it was also great that some of you brought me snacks. […]

What Books Should We Unglue?

The most common questions I get when I talk about Unglue.it are about the books. What sort of books will work in the Unglue.it model? Why have you picked the books you have? In response, I emphasize the Unglue.it is not a publisher, nor is it a gatekeeper. Publishers and authors are the ones who […]

The Unglue.it/LibraryThing glee club smackdown

It’s not all book rights, author profiles, payment processors, web development, and campaign stats around here. Even in a decentralized company with no face-to-face office, one has to have some hijinks and shenanigans. Here’s ours. The Library 2.0 Ideas twitter feed (@library2) randomly generates modern (trendy? insane?) ideas for library services every half hour. A […]