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Making Unglue.it Better

The last month or so has seen a lot of development work on Unglue.it. You may have noticed some of these things, but I thought it would be good to make a list.

  • With the just-announced participation of De Gruyter, we needed to work on our publisher pages. Take a look: https://unglue.it/pid/popular/4311
  • Login and account creation needed a lot of improvement. As a small example, if you’re not logged in when you click on a pledge button or a “login to add” button the website remembers what you were doing while you log in.
  • The search now preferentially returns unglue.it campaign books. (No brainer!)
  • You can now select your avatar from among twitter, facebook and gravatar pictures. If you’re not familiar with Gravatar, it’s a convenient way to maintain your identity across the web. 
  • We’ve added ways to contact the authors and publishers associated with unglue.it campaigns. They also wanted better ways to send you thank you notes and private messages, so we added some notifications for that. As always, you can use the website to customize your notification preferences.
  • If you’re a structured data enthusiast, take note that our web pages now include schema.org metadata!
  • Campaign pages now have a neat little thermometer that shows you the campaign’s progress.
  • Last but not least, we have a new homepage design. We always thought of the graphic that lived there as a placeholder, but never had time to make it easier to explore the site.

We have a lot more work to do, and we’re very grateful to ungluers who have taken the time to report bugs and make suggestions. Thank you!

One comment on “Making Unglue.it Better

  1. Oui, Je reviendrais visiter ce blog régulièrement.
    J’ai besoin de temps pour penser à propos de ceci

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