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De Gruyter title list

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you already know that Berlin-based academic publisher De Gruyter is offering 100 books for potential ungluing.

There aren’t campaigns yet — that’s up to you! We’ll run campaigns for whichever books have the most support. You can tell us which books you support by adding them to your wishlist. (And use the sharing options to get your friends to support your favorite books, too.)

You can see all the De Gruyter books Unglue.it knows about (both these, and any others that ungluers have wishlisted or searched for in the past) at Unglue.it. But for your convenience, we’re also listing the hundred (technically, 104) books here, with links to their Unglue.it work pages.

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  1. […] about becoming a librarian, and the other is a new erotic thriller by Dennis Weiser. Unglue.it has recently announced a new deal with De Gruyter, an academic publisher, to offer 100+ titles for […]

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