A Bookstore for Books that Want to be Free

Soon, we’ll be launching a new phase of How do we describe what we’re doing? When we did the first implementation of “Buy-To-Unglue” (as a test, not a launch) I told a lot of people about it, but it wasn’t so easy to explain. would be sort of a Crowdfunding site, sort of […]

Teaching Libraries to Code

For quite a while, I’ve been concerned ┬áthat libraries lack sufficient software and internet development resources to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Even things like buying an ebook from can require a library to make small modifications to their catalog or website. So when Andromeda wanted to some spend some […]

Let’s talk about money. is the main business activity of Gluejar Inc., which is incorporated as a for-profit entity in the state of New Jersey. The goal of the business is to bring book lovers together to fund Creative Commons licenses for ebooks, which can then be made free to everybody, everywhere. charges a 6% commission […]