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Why the Radio Franglais campaign is fate

Not long ago I (Andromeda Yelton) and our rights director (Amanda Mecke) were talking to our newest author, Nancy Boulicault, about her campaign to unglue Radio Franglais. She was talking about schools and cultural groups she’s worked with, as an author and teacher (she runs workshops to promote bilingualism through creative writing). Several are in […]

The glee club smackdown

It’s not all book rights, author profiles, payment processors, web development, and campaign stats around here. Even in a decentralized company with no face-to-face office, one has to have some hijinks and shenanigans. Here’s ours. The Library 2.0 Ideas twitter feed (@library2) randomly generates modern (trendy? insane?) ideas for library services every half hour. A […]

A Fool’s Hope for 2013

Wow, what a year! 59,932 unique visitors 2,678 registered users 12,462 dollars pledged 3 unglued books If you took part in in 2012, by registering, by pledging, by helping to spread the word, by reporting bugs, or by offering your works for ungluing, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is […]