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Why the Radio Franglais campaign is fate

Not long ago I (Andromeda Yelton) and our rights director (Amanda Mecke) were talking to our newest author, Nancy Boulicault, about her campaign to unglue Radio Franglais. She was talking about schools and cultural groups she’s worked with, as an author and teacher (she runs workshops to promote bilingualism through creative writing). Several are in the Boston area, where I live, so I mentioned that I could always talk to them in person (not so convenient for Nancy, since she lives in the UK).

Oh, said Nancy, you live in Boston? I grew up there!

Oh, said I. Well then, I live in Somerville.

Nancy: I grew up in Somerville!

Me: …in that case, I live in [neighborhood].

Nancy: Wow, I grew up on [street in that neighborhood].

Me: What…number?

Me and Nancy, about simultaneously: 100.

Me: …

Me: … I bought your parents’ house.

There you have it. I met Nancy’s sister when we signed the sale paperwork. My home office, where I was having this conference call, was her bedroom. Those seven kids who somehow once fit in my 3-bedroom condo on a tiny two-block street? She was one of them.

So it’s fate. This book was meant to be unglued.

One comment on “Why the Radio Franglais campaign is fate

  1. Truth being this much stranger than fiction – makes a writer wonder how she can compete. This was one of the funniest conversations I’ve ever had….

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