The Unglue.it/LibraryThing glee club smackdown

It’s not all book rights, author profiles, payment processors, web development, and campaign stats around here. Even in a decentralized company with no face-to-face office, one has to have some hijinks and shenanigans. Here’s ours.

The Library 2.0 Ideas twitter feed (@library2) randomly generates modern (trendy? insane?) ideas for library services every half hour. A few days ago, it suggested this:

So. As one must:

We sent that along to LibraryThing‘s Tim Spalding, who clearly has more sound-mixing skills and possibly a lot more he’s procrastinating on, because that resulted in this:

This…demands a response. Suggestions welcome.

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3 comments on “The Unglue.it/LibraryThing glee club smackdown

  1. I have no suggestions at all, but thanks for sharing. And good luck…

  2. Oh, oh my, this makes my day.

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