Teaching Libraries to Code

python_workshopFor quite a while, I’ve been concerned  that libraries lack sufficient software and internet development resources to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Even things like buying an ebook from Unglue.it can require a library to make small modifications to their catalog or website. So when Andromeda wanted to some spend some of her time cofounding and cochairing the Library Code Year interest group (a joint LITA/ALCTS group ), I was all for it. The interest group ran an Introduction to Python preconference at the ALA Annual meeting this year, with about 40 attendees; and Andromeda was one of the instructors.  The interest group is looking at running a hackathon at either Midwinter or Annual next year; Andromeda’s not in charge of those efforts, but she’s supporting them. Andromeda’s also been a guest lecturer at some library schools, and last week she was a guest instructor at Chattanooga Public Library’s DEV DEV <summer of code>.

The thing is, Andromeda REALLY enjoyed helping librarians and others acquire coding skills, so much so that she’s decided to try making it her full time job. Which is not such good news for unglue.it, because Andromeda has become one of our key developers. Over the past two years she’s become a pretty good python developer to go with the javascript/css skills she started with, and she’s responsible for much of the front end (what you see) of unglue.it. The thing that has made her a star, however, has been her ability to span all the aspects of building, running, publicizing and supporting the site. She’ll still be doing contract development work for us – a good teacher has to keep her skills current – but we’ll have to get along without her constant attention. And her desire to make unglue.it a success hasn’t disappeared.

So if you’re thinking about doing a coding workshop, or sponsoring a course on web development, or even if you need a code-year-coach, consider checking out what Andromeda is doing. I’ve personally learned quite a bit from her, now you’ll be able to as well.

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  1. […] today on their blog that one of their co-founders (and my dear friend) Andromeda Yelton, is leaving the company full time to pursue self-employment as a coding instructor for libraries. Andromeda wants to be a part of a very necessary conversation for libraries, and I wish her all […]

  2. […] So as we blogged at Unglue.it a month back, I have quit my job at Unglue.it so that I can teach libraries to code. […]

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