Unglue.it ♥ libraries

We feel great about all the support we’ve gotten from the library community.  It was fun meeting, and catching up with, so many librarians at our table in the exhibit hall at the American Library Association Midwinter conference in Seattle.  (And, let’s be honest, it was also great that some of you brought me snacks.  Thanks!)

Some librarians have asked us what they can do (beyond supporting our active campaigns, of course) to advance the mission.  Now we have a list!  There are a lot of things libraries are uniquely positioned to do: for instance, adding unglued ebooks to their collections, educating the public on the challenges of ebook licensing and the benefits of Creative Commons licensing, and making sure unglued ebooks get properly cataloged.  For the whole list of ways you can help, check out the Unglue.it ♥ libraries page.

(Now if only I could get another one of those maple syrup crepes…)

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