One unglued book on Kindle and iBooks; Let’s do a second!

ImageWe’ve had a grueling month. Eric has flown about 17,000 miles to tell people about Unglue.it, in the middle of which the Unglue.it team relaunched the site. Then, Eric’s house in New Jersey (which doubles as Gluejar galactic headquarters) lost power for 10 long days after Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, the rest of the team, in Connecticut, Massachusetts and California, were relatively unaffected, and unglue.it chugged along just fine.

Although we’re relaunched and running campaigns again, not everyone has gotten the memo. If you pledged to a campaign before, you need to re-pledge. When Amazon stopped processing payments for Unglue.it, all those pledges were voided.

The campaign for The Third Awakening is up to 37% for a campaign ending Dec 13; and Lauren Pressley’s So You Want To Be A Librarian (18%) ends on New Year’s Eve. Love Like Gumbo and Cat and Rat have a bit more time, but still could use some momentum. Please give these campaigns some serious consideration.

While we were retooling our payment system, we revised our presentation of “premiums”. For every campaign, in addition to the unique rewards offered by authors and publishers, there’s now better support for custom acknowledgements. All $25+ supporters are eligible for acknowledgement by name in the pages of the unglued edition. $100+ supporters can add a 140 character “dedication”. You can use it to thank your school, your teacher, or someone else special. Or you can tastefully mention your company or your blog.

We also have some exciting news about Oral Literature in Africa, the first unglued ebook. It’s now available for iBooks in the iTunes store. You can help us spread the word by downloading it, rating it, and pushing it to the top of the most popular lists.

It’s also available in the Kindle Store. But there was a problem. Amazon doesn’t like free ebooks. The lowest they’ll price it (without charging the publisher a fee for the download) is $1.99. But Amazon will lower the price to zero if other retailers offer it for free. Many of you went and clicked the “tell us about a lower price” link with our blessing. So now it’s free on Kindle too, so why not download it and give it a rating?

We’ll have some new campaigns to tell you about soon. Till then, help us turn Unglue.it from a project into a movement – we need a lot of help!

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  2. […] Shift reports that the folks from Unglue.it “are back and have four campaigns afoot. One is even of particular interest to librarians — Lauren […]

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