Meet Lauren Pressley and Library Juice Press

Lauren Pressley head shot

Photo of Lauren Pressley by Ken Bennett/Wake Forest University

As the Head of Instruction and an Associate Librarian at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University, a member of the American Library Association Council and the Library Information Technology Association Board of Directors, and a Library Journal Mover & Shaker awardee, Lauren Pressley knows a lot about how libraries work today. She’s also keenly interested in how they’ll work tomorrow: how emerging technologies and the changing landscape of information will impact what libraries do. No wonder she wrote a book for students who wonder if library careers are in their own futures.

Lauren sees ungluing So You Want To Be a Librarian as the natural next step. “Part crowdsourcing, part open access, part answer to the ebook problem, it’s a solution to some of the most critical issues libraries are facing today,” she says. Since unglued ebooks have no DRM, can be read on any device, and give everyone clear legal rights to read and share, they don’t come with any of the baggage that complicates library ebook lending today. And ungluing is great for the book’s primary audience — college and graduate students, who often have limited incomes, tuition payments, and student loan debt.

Library Juice Press, the publisher of So You Want To Be a Librarian, is equally driven by its philosophical mission. An imprint of independent scholarly press Litwin Books, it specializes in works which explore issues in librarianship from a critical perspective. It evolved from an electronic zine which — before the age of blogs and social media — shared discussions of intellectual freedom, social responsibility, and other political and philosophical issues in librarianship. Today it publishes books on the intersection of libraries with environmentalism, philosophy, LGBTQ issues, politics, and more.

Read more at the campaign to unglue So You Want To Be a Librarian.

So You Want To Be a Librarian in its natural habitat

Photo by Lauren Pressley; CC BY-SA

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