We’ve relaunched!

Two months ago, Amazon Payments forced us to suspend campaigns. Since then we’ve been busy evaluating our other payment options (we settled on Stripe), implementing new features, signing new rights holders, and releasing our first unglued ebook. Now, campaigns are back, and once again you can give books to the world.

The five books being unglued are:

Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat And Rat (Ten Books) by Melinda Thompson with Melissa Ferrell, a set of books designed to help children learn to read. Meet Melinda Thompson and Budding Reader on our blog; follow them at Budding Reader’s blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Love Like Gumbo by Nancy Rawles, a National Book Award winning coming-of-age story which was one of the first popular novels to tackle this subject from the perspective of a lesbian of color. Meet Nancy Rawles on our blog; follow her at her web site.

Obama Search Words by Stephen Black, a genre-bending, multimedia collage about the President — part documentary, part travelogue, part creative interpretation. Follow Stephen Black on Twitter and Facebook.

So You Want to be a Librarian by Lauren Pressley, a book aimed at students who wonder if a library career is right for them. Follow Lauren Pressley at her blog and Twitter. Follow Library Juice Press on Twitter, Facebook, and their web site. Follow the book itself on Facebook.

The Third Awakening by Dennis Weiser, a macabre, eco-friendly, erotic sci-fi fantasy satire about corporate culture and the superior beings who come to save Earth from itself and human beings from their dark side. Follow Dennis Weiser on Facebook, Twitter, Lulu, and Smashwords.

Watch this space for profiles of Stephen Black, Lauren Pressley and Library Juice Press, and Dennis Weiser, coming soon.

4 comments on “We’ve relaunched!

  1. i’m a bit concerned about this ‘settling’ on one particular payment provider. i hoped you would avoid this single-point-of-failure situation that proved to be damaging to the project.

    also, in your newsletter (or what it was) it seemed like Stripe only works with credit cards.
    this would exclude many people (including me) completely. i live in germany and i’m pretty sure most ppl here don’t own a credit card either. and not only here, i’d guess.
    these things, besides besides being somewhat of a symbol of unnessecary debt, are also insecure as shit.
    bank transfer would be ok. bitcoin would be fabulous. thanks.

    • We’re aware of the need for additional payment options. One reason we “settled” on Stripe is that it leaves us more open to adopt additional solutions. Another thing we like about the new generation of payments providers is that they adhere to industry standards to allow transfer of accounts to other providers, so that pledges can survive even if something happens to our relationship with Stripe.

      • good to see you care about this stuff, and that Stripe doesn’t appear to be jealous. 😛
        i’m sorry if i sounded too angry or something. of course i wish good luck to the project, and would like to join the unglueing as soon as i can. 🙂

  2. […] flown about 17,000 miles to tell people about Unglue.it, in the middle of which the Unglue.it team relaunched the site. Then, Eric’s house in New Jersey (which doubles as Gluejar galactic headquarters) lost power […]

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