Meet Melinda Thompson and Budding Reader

We’ve asked each of our first five rights holders to help us write a blog post introducing themselves to you — giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into themselves and their work. Here’s what Melinda Thompson had to say about herself and her independent publisher, Budding Reader.

Melinda Thompson

Melinda Thompson, author and entrepreneur

I am a big reader of non-fiction books and a heavy user of my local public library. It seems to me if people can read they can learn to do almost anything. So when I decided to start a publishing company the first thing I did was read lots and lots of books on the subjects of publishing, business planning, and marketing in the internet age. I even set up my own LLC without the help of an attorney, just by reading a book and doing what it said to do. I see how digital content can empower people everywhere to pursue their dreams, but people can’t access the world of information online unless they can read. And it helps children learn to love reading if they experience success from the very start. That’s where Budding Reader e-books step in.

Read more at the campaign to unglue Budding Reader’s Cat and Rat.

V with Budding Reader write-your-own book

An staff kid writes and illustrates her own book with materials from Budding Reader .

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