So You Want To Be a Librarian photo posting contest!

Would you post it in your house?
Would you post it with your spouse?
Would you post it with great shoes?
Would you post it with tattoos?
Would you post it with your cat?
In Paris? Mountain View? North Platte?
Would you post from kayak trips?
Or while foodspottting? (Fish and chips!)
Would you post that book from trains?
Or 5k zombie races? (Braaaaaains.)
Would you post it on your shelves?
Look, we posted it ourselves!

We hope you post it here and there.
We hope you post it everywhere!

Lauren Pressley, Library Juice Press, and the team here at Unglue.it would love to see where you take your copy of So You Want To Be a Librarian. Take the most creative pictures in the most exciting locations and you’ll be awarded notoriety and much-coveted Unglue.it swag.

Winning photos will be chosen by our celebrity guest judges, Andy Woodworth and Cindi Trainor. Andy’s a rabble-rousing public librarian known for his thoughtful blog and social media campaigns to help New Jersey libraries, urge Ben & Jerry’s to make a library-themed flavor, and get the Old Spice guy to say a few words about libraries. Cindi’s an academic librarian turned community manager, helping other librarians learn about and use Springshare technology. She’s the Vice-President/President-Elect of the Library Information Technology Association and a professional photographer (check out her portraits of librarians). They’ll determine prize categories with their sole and arbitrary discretion, so be sure to pique their interest.

We’ve taken pics of our own copies, but we know you can come up with better ones. Take your book out into the world and post its adventures to Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, or Facebook with the hashtag #ungluelib. We’ll collect and share your photos. To be considered for notoriety & swag (what better holiday present?), post your photos by December 15, and we’ll announce the results shortly thereafter.

So You Want To Be a Librarian in its natural habitat

Photo by Lauren Pressley; CC BY-SA

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  1. Thanks! I’ve added your photos here: http://storify.com/Unglueit/so-you-want-to-be-a-librarian-photo-contest Watch the link to see what else shows up.

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  3. […] even more fun, Andromeda & Lauren are running a photo contest! Post photos of your copy (or your library’s copy) of the book in creative places doing fun […]

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