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For Creators:’s “Thanks-for-Ungluing” program

Here’s a description of the “Thanks for Ungluing” program we’ll be launching as part of the “Bookstore for Books that want to be free“:’s “Thanks-for-Ungluing” program is designed to help rights holders promote and monetize their Creative Commons licensed books. aims to be an “e-bookstore for books that want to be free”. We […]

A Bookstore for Books that Want to be Free

Soon, we’ll be launching a new phase of How do we describe what we’re doing? When we did the first implementation of “Buy-To-Unglue” (as a test, not a launch) I told a lot of people about it, but it wasn’t so easy to explain. would be sort of a Crowdfunding site, sort of […]

Buy-to-Unglue Test Campaign: Flatland

After a lot of hard work, we’re now ready for some real-world testing of “Buy-to -Unglue“. We’re offering an epub of the public domain classic, Flatland.  We want to make sure everything works well, fix any bugs, and show our publishing, author and library partners what the new world of ebooks can look like. Please […]

A New Kind of Ungluing Campaign

Back in May, I wrote that we’re working on a new version of, designed to broaden the range of books we can unglue. The main concept we’re adding is “Buy-to-Unglue”. The basic idea behind “Buy To Unglue” is that the rights holder sets a sales revenue target, and when the target is met, the […]

One unglued book on Kindle and iBooks; Let’s do a second!

We’ve had a grueling month. Eric has flown about 17,000 miles to tell people about, in the middle of which the team relaunched the site. Then, Eric’s house in New Jersey (which doubles as Gluejar galactic headquarters) lost power for 10 long days after Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, the rest of the team, in Connecticut, […]

New feature: Add to Readmill

When you help to unglue a book, you also help to make it available in an open format: DRM-free EPUB. One reason that’s important is that openness makes the book more valuable to everybody. You can do the things that you expect to be able to do with real books- highlight and clip passages, read […] adds language filtering

We’ve just added a new feature to language filtering. For example, you can now see our most-wished books in French, Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Czech. If you’re a registered ungluer, you can add more! Some notes: uses Google Books as its book search engine. This allows us to focus on […]