Buy-to-Unglue Test Campaign: Flatland


After a lot of hard work, we’re now ready for some real-world testing of “Buy-to -Unglue“. We’re offering an epub of the public domain classic, Flatland

We want to make sure everything works well, fix any bugs, and show our publishing, author and library partners what the new world of ebooks can look like. Please let us know if you’re a publisher, author, or library and you want to help us unglue some books!

For the test we spent some time with the Google and Gutenberg scans of Flatland to produce a clean epub file. And we plan on doing some special things with it in the next couple of weeks. We’ve set the pricing so we we’ll make just a few cents per sale; between our payment provider, Stripe, and our license embedding vendor, Booxtream, we’ll barely net a first class stamp. If you choose to help us iron out all the kinks and buy a copy, we’ll be eternally grateful to you; you might even get a special badge! (You can get the Google or Gutenberg version instead, if you prefer.)

What you can do with the new features:

  • Join a library
  • Buy an individual license
  • Buy a license for a library you’ve joined
  • Download and read a book with embedded license
  • Watch the ungluing date advance

As always, we welcome your suggestions, criticisms, bug reports, and general nitpicking. Please use the feedback button on the right side of any Unglue.it page.  We already have a long list of improvements to make, but there’s nothing better that real-world usage to guide us. We’re so thankful for  the support you’ve given us over the past year and a half.

If you’ve not read Flatland, now is a great time to do so!

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