For Creators:’s “Thanks-for-Ungluing” program

Here’s a description of the “Thanks for Ungluing” program we’ll be launching as part of the “Bookstore for Books that want to be free“:’s “Thanks-for-Ungluing” program is designed to help rights holders promote and monetize their Creative Commons licensed books. aims to be an “e-bookstore for books that want to be free”. We bring together ebooks that are in the public domain, ebooks that have Creative Commons licenses, and ebooks that are raising funds to become Creative Commons licensed in the future. The website encourages its members to support open access to great books, i.e. to become “ungluers”.

Rights holders participating in the Thanks-for-Ungluing program can request payment for their books on a pay-what-you-want basis. They can also set suggested prices as well as metadata and descriptions for books that they claim. also provides services to libraries to help them manage Creative Commons material, such as making available catalog records and verifying licenses.


How do I participate?

There’s an agreement (PSA, Platform Services Agreement) to sign, and you’ll need to create an account to use the website as a rights holder.  Once your status is confirmed, you can start a “Thanks for Ungluing Campaign” at any time (after the launch of the program).

How much does it cost?

There’s no charge to join. We charge $0.25 + 8%, which includes credit card fees. Compare that to Paypal.

What file formats do you support?

The website is designed to work with pdf, epub, and mobi.

Where are the files hosted?

We typically link to files housed at Internet Archive.

What statistics do you provide?

Up to the minute download and revenue totals are always available on your rights holder page.

Can self-publishing authors participate?

Yes, as long as we can confirm that you are the author of your book and that your ebook files meet industry standards.

What metadata do I need?

All books in the Thanks for ungluing program must have an ISBN. If your book is listed in Google Books, you can add it by searching for it in

For more information, see the rights holder FAQ at

As always, comment and spreading-of-the-word is welcome.

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