Update on Unglue.it Relaunch

As we get over our excitement about the release of our first unglued ebook, Oral Literature in Africa, we’re beginning our planning for relaunch.

The silver lining behind our Amazon Payments thunderstorm is that over the past year, some new payments alternatives have emerged. We got red-carpet treatment from three California payments startups, each of them awesome in their own way, each of them a step up from Paypal or Amazon Payments. We’ve chosen one of them to try first, and we’re well along on the way towards implementation in unglue.it. And best of all, the company’s CEO is strongly behind us, so there won’t be the agonizing uncertainty around business approval that we had with Paypal, or the rug-under-pulling we experienced with Amazon.

If all goes well, we’ll be running campaigns before the month is out. So create an unglue.it account and you’ll be among the first to know about the relaunch when it happens. If you pledged to a campaign before, you’ll be asked to re-pledge- campaigns will have to start from zero.

Thank you for all your supportive comments. These have sustained us through the hiatus, and made us hopeful for Unglue.it’s future.

5 comments on “Update on Unglue.it Relaunch

  1. I can’t find where I can create an unglue.it account (the thing you ask to do in this blog post). Maybe a prominent link somewhere around the top or side of the site would help.

    Be brave and stay strong. Thank you for what you are doing!

  2. I have an account, and I have a book, but your FAQ says I need to sign an “Unglue.it Platform Services Agreement” to start a campaign. There appears to be no such thing on your website. I have already sent you a private email to this effect. No response was forthcoming.

    • Sandy, I’ve sent you an email. Please let me know that you get it!

      We don’t have the PSA on the web site. We want to talk to rights holders before bombarding them with legalese!

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