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Unglue.it adds language filtering

We’ve just added a new feature to Unglue.it: language filtering. For example, you can now see our most-wished books in French, Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Czech. If you’re a registered ungluer, you can add more!

Some notes:

  1. Unglue.it uses Google Books as its book search engine. This allows us to focus on developing non-search functionality for the unglue.it website. But it also limits us to a certain extent. We can’t offer all the discovery features you might want, for example. We do try to offer ways for people with common interests to join together to unglue the books they love. The language filtering is just a small first step towards that goal.
  2. When a book is unglued, it’s unglued for the whole world. But translated works can have complicated rights attached to them. For example, the German version of “Fight Club”  by Chuck Palahniuk has 3 wishers. To offer this book for ungluing, a rights holder would need to have global agreements with both the author and the translator. The scourge of regional rights carve-ups can make this difficult. In other cases, a book that’s in the public domain in its native language may have a translation still under copyright.
  3. As you can see from the ‘Fight Club’ page, we have some bug-fixes to do; summaries on Unglue.it come from OpenLibrary, but we seem to have issues with unicode text. Oh boy, bugs to fix.
  4. We’ve had lots of interest in Unglue.it from around the world. Over the last two weeks, we’ve been featured in 4 different radio programs in Germany, and we experienced strong interest from Russia just after launch. The largest number of non-English ungluing wishes are for French-language works. We realize there are many other things we need to do to make Unglue.it work everywhere (international-friendly payments, for example). Sometimes it seems as if there’s an infinite amount work to do.
  5. Üttish is not a real language. But Google Books tells us that some works have language code “ut” and we don’t know what that means. The books coded that way are in many different languages. So we thought it would be fun to invent a language to match the code. Üts of the world unite!
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One comment on “Unglue.it adds language filtering

  1. fixed the bugs.

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